The Development Association YHYRES was founded in 1999. Word ”yhyres” means together in Ostrobotnian dialect. LAG YHYRES operates in the municipalities of Isokyrö, Laihia and also in Vaasas Vähäkyrö. Isokyrö, Laihia and Vähäkyrö are also known as Kyrönmaa. It is situated in western Finland, in the province of Ostrobotnia near provincial capital Vaasa, 400 kilometers north from Helsinki.

LAG YHYRES is one of the smallest LAGs in Finland. Its aims are to develop the vitality and entrepreneurship of Kyrönmaa according to "The Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland".

The 17 000 inhabitants of Kyrönmaa have spread themselves on the area of 1044 square kilometers. Many young people are moving to cities to study and to work and the population of Kyrönmaa is ageing. Therefore keeping up the welfare services demands new solutions. LAG YHYRES wants to strengthen local identity and excite villages to action. LAG YHYRES also wants to develop services which brings livelihood to local people and communities.
Traditionally agriculture has been very significant in Kyrönmaa. One of the biggest challenges of LAG YHYRES is to find other sources of livelihood to the farmers. Small industry, especially metal - and energy-related industries are rising. Large number of the residents works in the city of Vaasa. Surprisingly, a small village of Tervajoki in the middle of Kyrönmaa is one of the most important centers in automobile trading business in Finland.
To promote the rural development YHYRES provides counseling and finance to enterprises and associations in the Kyrönmaa region. YHYRES encourages entrepreneurs’ to co-operation, networks and develop know-how.

The main developing themes of Yhyres

• Roots and identity
• Energetic entrepreneurship
• Together towards changes

LAG YHYRES seeks power to changing world via co-operation. It will help Kyrönmaa to stay vital. YHYRES organizes happenings and events. It promotes interaction between city and countryside. It allows experiences with different cultures. Different projects have been fund in Kyrönmaa area; support farmers’ wellbeing, invest to hobbies in villages and create different possibilities in countryside to youth.

Contact information:

YHYRES-kehittämisyhdistys ry
Loukontie 6
66440 Tervajoki
phone: +358-6-4788 200
fax. +358-6-4788 210
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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